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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Adios, paid vacation!

Greetings all, especially to the newcomers who I finally told about this work-in-progress. I am scheduled to fly out tomorrow from the Bay area, where Marine Corps Forces Central Command has kindly kept me for a week. Since I've taken about 5000 photos of palm trees, I may as well include a couple farewell shots from the past couple of days.
The palm tree buffeted by a 60 mph wind is from a weekend excursion to the Gulf Coast beaches (note to FL vacationers: wind-whipped sand may be detrimental to your beach experience). The other two photos are from Tarpon Springs, an historic sponge-harvesting and fishing village north of St. Pete. The place is a little piece of Greece in Florida tourist's surreal, and a great place to grab a heaping gyro platter that will feed you for 5 days.


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