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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Health Care

Today I made it off base on my first excursion, to cover a medical civilian assistance program. Check out the enthusiasm of these kids--they were amazing. I think some of my fellow servicemembers were ready to adopt.
This clinic was significant for being the first in this region primarily planned and coordinated by the Afghan National Army, who is learning that their military shouldn't simply aim to intimidate, but needs to play a role in getting the local population back on its feet.
I was amazed to see the women in burqas change their minds and see the doctor. At first they had huddled together in their burqa-bonding way, and almost left as a group because there was no Muslim female doctor, but they were talked into staying by the local doctor and our cultural liaisons.
Throughout the day the crowd would swell at the gate, dashing the training team's hopes for a more manageable number of visitors. Afghan guards use a switch from time to time, seriously--a switch, to back the crowd up when they would invariably push against the gate.
I couldn't turn down the repeated requests by Afghan National Army soldiers to pose with them for photos. They love the camera, and are giddy about seeing the digital picture after it is taken. But if they even thought of pulling that hand-holding crap, things would have gotten ugly in a hurry. Seriously, they are extra-affectionate toward one another on Thursdays!


Blogger Major John said...

Ah, so now you have experienced "Man Love Thursday". I only hope you don't get to experience "Rocket O'Clock" - or at least not too many times...

February 2, 2006 at 1:44 PM  

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